Institute of Process Engineering, Chinese Academy of Sciences
State Key Laboratory of Biochemical Engineering


Our group is working on the relationship between structures and functions of biomaterials applied in the biomedical field. The research interest is focused on the multifunctional nanoformulations based on the biomaterials with therapeutic drugs (nucleic acid, chemotherapy drugs, etc.)、prophylactic and therapeutic vaccine formulation(HIV DNA vaccine, etc.)and diagnosis contrast agents(MR imaging contrast agent) for prevent 、therapy and diagnosis of malignant diseases (such as cancer, neurodegenerative diseasesand etc.).

  • Therapeutic drugs

    Based on the platform of biomaterials preparation in our team, we are focused on optimizing the structure-activity relationship between materials and the therapeutic drugs (such as nucleic acid, chemotherapy drugs, etc.) to improve the effect of drugs. We are devoted to cross the bottleneck in the process of drugs delivery. To increase the therapeutic efficacy of drugs, drug delivery systems are used to enhance the stability, loading content and target ability of drugs to improve their accumulation in the diseased site for the treatment of serious diseases including malignant tumors and neurodegenerative disease.

    Schematic diagram of cellular uptake and subcellular drug release of
    PHEMA-RA-PCB-CPP/SPIONs/ siSOX9 NPs. NPs were added to the culture medium

  • Prophylactic and therapeutic vaccine formulation

    The research interest is focused on explore adjuvants for prophylactic and therapeutic vaccines, and investigate the immunoreactive mechanism of adjuvants. Rational vaccine adjuvants are designed to overcome the defects of vaccines, including nucleic acid, peptide, and protein vaccines. We also interest in explore the immunomechanism of vaccines, and develop new technology to enhance immunogenicity of vaccines for prevention and therapy of malignant tumors and neurodegenerative diseases.

    The mechanisms underlying the activation of APCs by man-ZCL/DNA lipoplexes.

  • Diagnosis Contrast Agents

    The research project in our group is focused on development of theranostic agents with multifunctional biomaterials for photothermal therapy, chemotherapy, photoacoustic and CT imaging, and investigating the exploration of superparamagnetic iron oxide diagnosis system modified with polymers for early diagnosis of Alzheimer’s, myocardical infarction and rheumatoid arthritis, etc.

    Schematic interpretation of Congo red/Rutin-MNPs in vivo

    Schematic representation of synthesis of DOX@Gold NMs and their potential theranostic application

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